Babies wanted for National Portrait Photo Competition 
Your chance to win the grand price of £5000 and 4 runner prizes of £100 boots vouchers and get some wonderful professional photos taken to cherish forever plus help a  worthy charity.
 Just Fill in Details Below
I consent Redpath Photos may contact me. 
If you have a baby aged 8 weeks to 1 year we would love  enter them into the competition. 
However there is obligation and if you just want pictures taken that is also fine .
We only offer 6 of these sessions weekly and often are over subscribed so book ahead !
I love taking pictures of babies, probably about 6,000 and counting. For some reason, babies like me, and my crazy noises and props I use to get them to smile. Parent’s crack up when I make my duck noise you’ve been warned!! We are your local Emma's Diary Photographer
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 Your Experience will Include:

❤️ Phone consultation to help you select clothing .

❤️A one hour Baby experience up to 3 outfits worth £29

❤️A  choice of props ad backgrounds

❤️ A cinematic viewing experience normally within 2 weeks of the shoot. Where we can show mock ups of wall displays and you can select the picture to go into Emma's diary Baby of the month (If you wish)

❤️ A chance to win the the yearly grand prize of £5000.

❤️ The chance to win 4 of the monthly runner up prizes of £100 of Boots Vouchers

❤️ An Elephant Toy called Tembo ( £1..50 charity donation required)

❤️  A  credit of £35 towards any purchase

❤️ A £50 credit towards any wall art.

👍There is No charge for sitting 

Total potential saving £100

  Babies Change so Fast , All of sudden They are Little People.   
I  appreciate things maybe rather hectic at the moment and you maybe not getting much sleep  and  you may have thought about having professionals pictures but life just got in the way..... well this maybe the chance to actually set something. Who knows these pictures may come out at your son and daughters wedding  one day !

We are a baby-friendly studio, having changing facilities and a microwave if required, parking directly outside all on one level. You will located with a 12 mile radius of our studio so under a 30 min drive for you and baby. We are located between  Chorleywood (near Rickmansworth) and Little Chalfont (near Amersham) 5 miles from Junction 18 M25.  As we are located on a farm you must have your own vehicle to attend our studio and prevent any customers overlapping . 

Many of our mum's and dad's fall in love with my pictures and end up purchasing more. Additional pictures start from £35 and can be purchased at the viewing normal a week or so later.  We don't engage in any hard  sell.
Babies change so much in their first year, and many mum’s and dads try us out with this offer and get to know, like and trust us and often come back with their second and even third child. Many come back and take part in a Cake Smash session or  or have a family session at a later date

The competition is open to babies from 8 weeks to one year however if you just want pictures that'fine to. There is no obligation to enter. 

What Happens Now?

Step 1

Complete the Form Above...

If you haven't already, fill out your details Please do so.
We only allocate 6 Sessions a week to Baby of the Month
Baby sessions are on Tuesday Wednesday and Friday at 9.30 and 11.30 and 2pm

We allow 30 mins for cleaning the studio after each session. Floor is washed with bleach and studio is steamed cleaned including all props etc All surfaces in reception wiped down with hospital grade disinfectant.

  There is no charge for the sitting. It lasts for an hour in total from arriving and leaving. We have various props and different backgrounds. All the pictures on this page are mine so assuming you like them then you will be happy !

We hope to see you soon! 

Step 2

Book Your Session

If you fill in your details we will phone you to book you in and discuss clothing
The number we will phone you on will be 01494 549944.

If we can't get hold of you we will text you so please pick up !

An email confirmation will be sent with time and date of sitting  with directions 

We have plenty of parking and always leave a space for mum's outside door.

We are always over subscribed for this competition  so please only book if you want great pictures and  can get to the studio easily (no public transport as we are on a farm). Don't deprive another mum or dad of this offer.

At the end of the session we will book you to come back and see  give you a product guide to take away with you and see the pictures . Have  a think about what space and what rooms you may want pictures to go in. Feel free to brings some phone pictures of your rooms to the viewing

Step 3

Enjoy Your Experience....

 Now the fun bit. You are now invited back to view the pictures of your baby on our big screen . Please bring as many family members back members as you wish. The more the merrier! 

At this point you can chose the picture that goes into the competition  and purchase any additional pictures that you  may want .
 Additional pictures start from £35

There is no pressure sales my business has been established for over 20 years and I like happy returning customers .

One  the pictures are ready we will e mail and phone you. to let you know they are back. You will love our work.

Many of my present customers tried us out with this offer and have kept coming back.

I offer a 100% Money Back guarantee if your not happy with finished wall art as long as you don't hang them in your bathroom/ in direct sunlight/Green House !!

This video should give you an idea of the total experience

Here's what some of our mum's are saying...

Sarah's Testimonial 

 Highly recommend Andy, We recently did a shoot with our 5 month old and Andy was lovely and made us feel instantly at ease he had my son captivated from the start, he is clearly very experienced in children's photography as my son was smiling and laughing from start to finish and the god......BEAUTIFUL they took my breath away! The most wonderful treat after a tough few months of not being able to celebrate our baby as much as we would have liked or show him off to the world! Thank you Andy, We will be back! Sarah Marsden

Georgina's Testimonial 

I had a wonderful experience. The Studio was clean and kept to the new covid standards with provided hand sanitizer and appropriate social distance measures. The photographer, Andrew, was great in engaging my 7-month-old and capturing her true character in the pictures. She loved every minute of it and there was a wide range of poses and props at hand to find the perfect picture. The pictures were processed in a timely manner and, needless to say, we're absolutely delightful. The free app, which has all the selected pictures, are a real treat if you want to share the snaps with friends and family for free! I would definitely recommend for any parents with babies to go and have a shoot. I will be returning for some family shots once she is slightly older. Thank you so much Redpath Studios for my lovely memories that I can now keep forever. Georgina Ahern

Natalie's Testimonial 

What an exceptional service from Andrew! Made our baby girl who was 5 months at the time laugh and smile so easily and we felt at ease knowing she was happy and comfortable in front of the camera. We adore the pictures, very high quality. We photographed our daughter in her christening gown which was 35 years old (family heirloom) and he captured it beautifully. I only noticed her hat was on the wrong way round after Andy had packed up for the day but he set everything back up and re-shot with the hat on correctly, very professional and clearly wants to make his customers happy. He takes pride in his work that is evident. If you want your baby to feel relaxed in a happy environment, look no further. Highly recommend. Natalie Williams

Some Recent Superstars I photographed

A little reminder of what is included

❤️ Phone consultation to help you select clothing .
❤️A one hour Baby experience up to 3 outfits worth £29.00
❤️A choice of props ad backgrounds
❤️ A cinematic viewing experience normally within 2 weeks of the shoot. Where we can show mock ups of wall displays and you can select the picture to go into Emma's diary Baby of the month (If you wish)
❤️ A credit of £35 towards any purchase.
❤️ A credit of £50 towards any wall art.A3 or bigger.
❤️ A chance to win the the yearly grand prize of £5000.
❤️ The chance to win 4 of the monthly runner up prizes of £100 of Boots Vouchers
❤️ An Elephant Toy called Tembo ( £1.50 pence  charity donation required)

There is no charge for the Photo sitting/shoot.

Total potential saving £100

 About Your Photographer   
Like many of you reading this, I have suffered a tragic loss in my life. One of the things got me through the darkness of that period was babies. For some baffling reason, they do like me. I was interviewed for an article and what I said then still holds true now.
"When a baby smiles, it is as though a floodlight is turned on. It is a beautiful thing to capture and behold, even if you are having a tough day, it can really lift your spirits and bring joy.
I then discovered I could make them laugh as well through my crazy duck noises and other mad techniques and some babies have some wicked chuckles that just cracks everybody up. I go the extra mile even when the baby is having a tough day due to tiredness, teething or other factors as I now understand how important fleeting moments can be and what these pictures will mean to my mum’s and dad’s now and in their future legacy.
I guess the biggest compliment I ever received was when I asked why a customer chose me over other professional photographers to photograph her baby. She said all the babies seemed to be having fun in my photos.
That will do for me!”
Andy Redpath

Redpath Photos
Great House Farm
Chenies ( between Little Chalfont and Rickmansworth.